The Kentucky Center for Statistics (KYSTATS) collects and links data to evaluate education and workforce efforts in the Commonwealth. This includes developing reports, responding to research requests, and providing statistical data about these efforts so policymakers, agencies, and the general public can make better informed decisions.

Occupational Outlook

May 2023

This interactive dashboard explores 2020-2030 long-term occupational projections for Kentucky and its Local Workforce Areas, augmented with education and training requirement data.

Workforce Overview Report for Kentucky Regions (WORKR)

March 2023

This interactive quarterly report provides a snapshot of Kentucky's workforce at the state and local levels by bringing together data from Kentucky's Labor Market Information branch.

Kentucky Workforce Dashboard

March 2023

The Kentucky Workforce Dashboard is a user-friendly tool that local workforce areas can use to inform the impact of services in their area.

Postsecondary Feedback Report

March 2023

Earning a postsecondary credential can unlock opportunities, but a student’s odds of success can vary based on the institution they attend, the credential they pursue, and the content area of their studies. This interactive report allows users to explore outcomes for students by Kentucky’s postsecondary institutions, major, credential type, and demographic.

Labor Force Update

February 2023

The Labor Force Update highlights recent data releases from the Labor Market Information section of KYSTATS and elsewhere.

Kentucky Future Skills Report

February 2023

This interactive report provides data to help Kentuckians answer the following: How many jobs will Kentucky need to fill during the next five years? What will those jobs pay? Do we have the right mix of workers and skills to fill those jobs? Also, new to this report is the expanded demand section “Specific Occupations,” which provides a profile for each selected occupation and a sortable list within each area of Kentucky.

Kentucky Commuting Patterns Report

January 2023

Nearly 2 million people commute to or from Kentucky for their primary job — where are they going? This interactive report shows commuting patterns for each county in Kentucky, allowing users to view where people are coming from and going to for work.

Civilian Labor Force Report

January 2023

This interactive report allows users to explore estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program and the Current Population Survey (CPS).

High School Feedback Report

January 2023

Postsecondary credentials are increasingly serving as prerequisites for high-paying jobs in growing sectors of the economy. Are Kentucky students successfully graduating from high school, earning credentials, and gaining employment? This interactive report allows users to explore data to help answer these questions.

Adult Education Feedback Report

December 2022

This interactive report provides data about adult education metrics for Kentucky Local Providers and the state as a whole. Education and workforce outcomes were analyzed for cohorts of students enrolled in Kentucky Adult Education. Local Provider Ranking trends, provided by the Office of Adult Education, are displayed on the last dashboard.

Career and Technical Education Employer Connector

November 2022

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Employer Connector helps employers and educators find CTE programs closest to them. Users can filter information such as total current enrollment, eligible co-op students, and 12th grade enrollment by program, region, and distance.

Work Ready Communities

November 2022

A Kentucky Work Ready Community certification is a measure of a county's workforce quality. This interactive report helps communities assess their progress in achieving the Work Ready criteria.

High School Feedback Report

September 2022

This series of PDF reports provides comparative information about the college-going and college success patterns of Kentucky students by high school.

Talent Pipeline Management

August 2022

This dashboard shows outcomes for those employers and employees associated with Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM®), an employer-led and demand driven approach for businesses to create and manage talent ‘supply chains’. Metrics included from KYSTATS include employment retention by age and wage groups and credential earners by area, institution, and major. The dashboard also includes TPM® employer-provided projected jobs.

Career and Technical Education Feedback Report

August 2022

This interactive report examines high school Career and Technical Education (CTE) trends in Kentucky and its association with employment and postsecondary outcomes later in life. The report also displays training locations and future demand for employment.